Race Retro Live 2014

Late February saw the latest Race Retro 2014 show taking place at the Stoneleigh Park showground near Kenilworth, Warwickshire. The Stoneleigh Park site is normally associated with a different type of horsepower of the 1 horse type, along with other matters agricultural. The Exhibition stands were arranged within 4 halls with a separate area for the Silverstone Auction, and its exotic cars and lorries!. 

In the Exhibition halls there were various racing VIPs, including Sir Stirling Moss and TV's Quentin Wilson, who appeared on the Lister sports car stand (who were celebrating 60 years. This drew a large crowd of photographers and interested spectators for the man who should have won at least 1 Formula 1 championship. The Lister company was formed in order to bring together all the elements of the Lister brand under one roof. Subsequently LMCL has purchased from George Lister Engineering Limited of Cambridge the original jigs, plans and drawings and all assets and intellectual property rights associated with the design and manufacture of the Lister cars of the 1950s and 1960’s and in particular the Lister ‘Knobbly’ cars.

There was also an exhibition of McLaren cars across the ages as they are celebrating 50 years. This included James Hunt's iconic McLaren M23, a car that Denny Hulme raced along with a more modern McLaren F1 GTR raced to success at LeMans 24 hours in 1995. Bruce McLaren Motor Racing Limited was formally incorporated on September 2 1963, when the 26-year-old New Zealander mustered together a small crew of committed individuals to design, build and race cars bearing his own name, operating from a small, cramped workshop in New Malden, Surrey. From that tiny base, the team migrated through various premises in Colnbrook and Woking before settling upon its current site at the McLaren Technology Centre, home to all of the team’s businesses, and workplace to more than 2000 people. Alongside the static exhibitions of all types of racing cars from single seaters, touring cars (a Lotus Cortina driven by Jim Clark as an example) to TVR's, Mini's as well as motorbikes across the ages.

As added entertainment there was a special stage laid out in the grounds for both historic karts and rally cars from 1960s - 1980s, including some monster group B examples (Metro 6R4, Audi Quattro & Lancias). Included in the driver line-up were past British stars David (Dai) Llewellyn and Russell Brooks. Dai Llewellyn had great fun in his Subaru taking it sideways through the corners to the great pleasure of the watching crowd. The action was enjoyed by the crowds and the Race Retro show 2015 in late February 2015 is not to be missed if you are into historic cars, racing cars and bikes

Race Retro Live 2014
WiderView Visual Media, Chris Roberts 22 February 2014
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