The Swaps Live at Temperance - Leamington Spa

Leamington Spa band The Swaps hosted a live album recording session at Temperance cafe in Leamington Spa on 12th July 2023. They were supported by Temperance cafe owner Adrian Gaines for another live album at Temperance after The Achievers were recorded in 2022.

After performing at the Upton Blues Festival in 2022 as a five piece the band has been re-configuring their range of songs so they work as a trio. The band has been recording songs for over 12 years. They were joined on stage by support band Green Hands.

First up were Green Hands who performed as an acoustic duo, initially with Jack Telford on vocals and guitar and James Knight on guitar and backing vocals. The set included 'Moonraker', 'Been Around', 'Side of the Line', 'Little Wing', 'Basquiat', 'Bleeker's on the Blink' and 'Blood Bank' with guest saxophonist Miles Fagge joining Jack on the last few numbers.

Then after a drinks break The Swaps took to the stage. The line-up was Beth Brooks on vocals, James Knight on guitar and vocals and Adam Phillips on keybards, guitar and backing vocals.

Their setlist contained both new songs and numbers from their earlier, but very well known work.

First up was 'Negativity' which was released in February 2020 with Beth with her soulful Blues voice backed by James on guitar and vocals and Adam on keyboards. The first half set then continued with 'Spain', 'Suffering' from the album Miss Sold, 'Sweetheart', then two songs from the album The Wap Waps 'Coming Home', and 'Deep' and finished with 'Wolf'. For the last few songs Adam moved over from keyboards to slide guitar.

After another drinks and fresh air break the second half set started with a song from the album Miss Sold in 'Chemicals' then 'Beating' from the album Success with an instrumental into the final chorus. Then a more recent song 'Gravity' released in July 2018 with the set concluding with 'All You Do', 'Nothing' another The Wap Waps album song 'Scars'. Then the first of what turned out to be three encore songs with first 'Do' before 'Negativity' was played again and then finished with 'Love' with joint vocals from Beth and James.

Green Hands can be seen at the Warwick Beer Festival on 15th July with The Swaps again running the Blues night at Temperance on the second Wednesday in September 2023.

The Swaps Live at Temperance - Leamington Spa
WiderView Visual Media, Chris Roberts 13 July 2023
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