Laurence Jones band wow Zomerparkfeest crowds

Award-winning Shipston-on-Stour blues guitarist Laurence Jones got the crowds excited during his set on the Saturday night’s main stage at the Zomerparkfeest music festival in Venlo, The Netherlands.

Laurence Jones at Zomerparkfeest Venlo

Laurence who has performed all around the world, including headlining the Shipston Proms in 2017, has a massive following in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and so the festival location in the Limburg district close to the German and Belgian border brought in expectant fans from several countries, including the Netherlands.

The Zomerparkfeest has been run for several years as a music, arts and dance festival and the 2019 event was run over 4 days and several stages. The line-up included headline artists from several countries including Vintage Trouble.

Laurence Jones and his band have been on the road this summer playing at various festivals and a couple of days earlier they had headlined the Jam Days festival in Odense, Denmark.

The set for the Zomerparkfeest crowd was an hour’s selection of upbeat songs, including classics from his albums and two of the tracks from his new album to be released on 27th September 2019.

Laurence Jones with his 1960 Gibson ES-345 guitar

The set opened up with high tempo “I’m Waiting”, which was the first single from the new forthcoming album “Laurence Jones Band”. This got the crowds into surrounding the main stage to listen to this great blues guitarist and singer.

He was joined on stage by Bennett Holland (keyboards and vocals), Greg Smith (bass guitar), Phil Wilson (drums) and Abbie Adi (backing vocals).

This was followed by “Gone Away” from the album “The Truth” with its passionate vocals from Laurence and Bennett and great guitar licks, supported by strong drums and bass rhythm.

The next song “Never Good Enough” was a more soulful number with great lyrics and a slower pace, but the crowds loved it.

Bennett Holland on keyboards feeling the vibes

The next song was a classic song earlier performed by one of Laurence’s main influences Eric Clapton, with the song originally recorded by Bo Diddly. This showed off Laurence’s great blues guitar work.

Then we moved onto one of the earliest songs that Laurence wrote, and a fans favourite, “Thunder in the Sky”. This is his anthemic song which the fans want to hear with its soaring guitar riffs and vocals from Laurence.

Next up was “What would you do” again from his 2017 album “The Truth” with its great blues vocals, guitars, keyboards and drums, with Bennett and Abbie joining in on backing vocals.

Laurence then announced the latest single Everything’s Gonna be alright” from the upcoming album “The Laurence Jones Band”, which was released the previous day before the gig. This mixes piano accompaniment front Bennett with matching guitar and vocals from Laurence, backed by Abbie.

Laurence Jones taking inspiration

Then another slower and evocative number “Take Me” with great soulful vocals from Laurence, and backing from Bennett and Abbie, along with a slower picking guitar style. Laurence as always wears the passion on his sleeve!

Then we had the drum, guitar and keyboards strong beat along with Laurence’s powerful vocals on “Fortunate Son” with the crowds enjoying singing along.

Then to finish off the set we had “Live it up” from the album “Take Me High” launched in Shipston-on-Stour in 2016. This was the upbeat song to get the crowd dancing with its great blues riffs and backing along with Laurence playing to the crowds with his vocals, and at the end lifting his guitar up to the crowds in thanks.300"]

Greg Smith (bass) and Phil Wilson (drums)

His new album will be launched live at the Grolloo Blues Village concert in, The Netherlands on 14th September, organised by Johan Derksen, as thanks to his large legion of Dutch fans.

His UK tour will kick off on 22 November in Norwich and the tour all the main venues in the UK with more information found at



Laurence Jones band wow Zomerparkfeest crowds
WiderView Visual Media, Chris Roberts 12 August 2019
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