Great night with LANDERMASON & Friends at Cherington Arms

The Cherington Arms hosted the latest music night from Porterhouse Music (Tim Porter) with LANDERMASON supported by Generation Jones on 13th July 2015.

The Cherington Arms is a small rural pub in South Warwickshire, close to Shipston-on-Stour, where visitors can enjoy the great company of fellow villagers and a friendly host. It is managed by Jean Michel Dupin and Tracey Clegg and a Hook Norton Brewery pub. 

Tim Porter is just getting over the running of the 17th Shipston Proms, and is now back with his own Porterhouse Music, mainly blues and roots music with a bit of folk and jazz as well, held in a variety of pubs and larger venues in the area. He is also organising the Gloucester Rhythm & Blues Festival during 25th July to 2nd August 2015.
On 22nd August he is running a one day Broom Hill Festival, close to Shipston, with a great line-up of bands.

Whilst headline act LANDERMASON are from Billingham in Northumbria their support act, Generation Jones, only had to come the shorter distance from Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire.

Generation Jones are a two piece group (mainly) and the members are Geoff Carr (acoustic guitar & bass and vocals) and Jon Beynon (guitar and vocals).
Their sound and songs reflect back to the tunes of their youth along with a flavour of the USA. They kicked off to the packed pub with “Driving on East Texas Roads” followed by “Close Your Eyes”.

Next up was a tune made famous again by a commercial, this time one for the TV digital switchover, “Echos of My Mind”.

These songs were accompanied by Geoff on his acoustic bass, which was a first for me, as I always seen the electric version played, and made a lovely sound to complement Jon’s acoustic guitar and their joint vocals.

Now with Geoff on acoustic guitar as well the group moved onto “Will you Love me Tomorrow” and the classic California beach tune “California Dreaming” with the audience encouraged to help with the multi-part harmonies, and so a great sound was made with all giving it a go.

Then the last part of the set included Crosby, Stills & Nash’s “Marrakesh Express” and “Churches in Love”.

Finally they gave us one of their newly written songs “Please Don’t Go” from their about to be released new album “Moving On”. This was an acapella tune for two voices and was a splendid way to finish up.
After a short break for LANDERMASON to set up, and the audience to get another drink, the headline act LANDERMASON stepped up with Fiona Lander (keyboards/clarinet/penny whistle/flute) and Paul Mason on Guitar.
Both of the group are from the North East in Bellingham, Northumbria and Paul was lucky enough to have the Eurythmics Dave Stewart as a guitar teacher (and it showed with his superb playing). He also played in the 1980s Glam Rock band Dumb Blondes who, according to Paul, have been asked to reform to do a gig. Paul is not sure so it is watch that space.
Fiona is a bubbly character and normally gets to hog the mike with the intros, which gave the audience a lot of good background to the pieces played and the group themselves.
First up was a song called “Shoemaker” followed by Whittington Duke” with Fiona on keyboards and Paul on Guitar, with vocals mainly from Fiona.
Then we moved onto the classic Geordie song “When the Boat Comes in” where the audience were encouraged to join in. Then we moved onto the well-known Dave Brubeck number “Take 5” with Fiona on clarinet as well as keyboards.
Then we moved onto the first of the bands own numbers with the first taken from the “Tree of Songs” album with a track entitled “The Robin Hood Tree”, which is about two Northern Trees which have featured in the Robin Hood film Prince of Thieves.
Then we moved onto a Blues number “Working Man” with Paul’s vocals and Fiona on clarinet.
Then we had a new song for the audience, but one written a long time ago, and not yet on an album called “Natural Beauty” which was about going up a mountain or fell in the mist and waiting for it to clear so you can see the natural beauty of the view from the top.
Now it was back to Jazz songs with “Pick Me Up Again” and “Words Unsaid” with the later a birthday tribute for Tony.
Then we had another road song “Hitching a Ride” which was about escaping from relationships.
Next was a Folk song, from Paul’s youth, based on a song by Jonathan Kelly called “Twice around the Alley”.
Then another band song with again the audience joining in with multi-part harmonies on ‘Time to Change your Mind”
Then in the final part of the set we had the debut of a new song called “One Life”, which was written only 3 days before the event, with Paul’s vocals and Fiona on penny whistle.
Then we heard a medley of “Kielder Water” and “XYZ”, then to finish off “In the Wee Small Hours” and the “Bellingham Stomp”
After great applause and thanks from the audience Tim Porter thanks everyone for coming and particularly to Generation Jones and LANDERMASON for their great performances.

Great night with LANDERMASON & Friends at Cherington Arms
WiderView Visual Media, Chris Roberts 13 July 2015
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