Exciting Line-up at The Guitar Show 2020

The 2020 edition of The Guitar Show took place at New Bingley Hall in Birmingham, UK where a wide range of stalls selling guitar related equipment, as well as a live stage.

An effects board from Redbeard Effects demonstrated by Mikey Demus

 Abigail Kirwan of Secret Swan shows one of her craft made guitars

The halls were busy after the 10 am opening with visitors flocking to look at the very wide range of guitars on offer, both acoustic guitars (upstairs in the Acoustic Hall) with offering from Faith Guitars, Ortega Guitars and Auden Guitars to name a few.

Downstairs in the main hall were many electric guitar makers stalls including Yamaha, Eastman Guitars, Mansons Guitars and Haynes Guitars as well as amp manufacturers such as the well-known British make Marshall Amplification, Laney Amplification, Orange Amplification, Peavey Amplification and Victory Amps. Other accessory stands included D’addario (for guitar strings), Redbeard FX for guitar effects pedals, Roland/BOSS and microphones from Aston Mics.

There were also very detailed craft made wooden guitar bodies on offer from Secret Swan and Crimson Guitars.

To keep the noise down an acceptable level the organisers had allowed stand holders to use amps only for 30 minutes each hour, denoted with a klaxon!

Live Stage

The Live Stage, with a theme of a Rock and Roll Circus, hosted a range of artists sponsored by some of the stands at the show. The live stage was powered by RCF PA, Aston Mics, Laney Amplification, Tama Drums & Zildjian Cymbals.

So first up on the Saturday was acoustic classical guitarists Billy Watman, sponsored by Faith Guitars. He gave us several numbers which were classical in nature but with a rock twist, with the growing crowds really enjoyed.

 Aynsley Lister & Friends

Next in the line-up was Mikey Demus sponsored by Red Beard Effects, which he is heavily involved with, playing with a Mansons guitar. Miley when not playing solo plays for the band Skindred and uses Orange Amps.

As well as playing some of his songs to a backing tracks he explained some of the effects that his Redbeard Effects pedals can give.

Rebea Masaad & Dave Hollingsworth

Next up on the main stage was Rebea Massaad representing D’arrario strings, who he has been using since 2011, since he was recommended to them by an industry contact.

After several questions from the large audience he showed the many effects that he uses with his guitars, before he was joined by Dave Hollingworth from the band they are both members Toska. The final number was a 10 minute prog rock inspired number.

Following that we had the first group of the day that included vocals when Aynsley Lister & Friends set up on the stage, supported by Rift Amps. Aynsley has been playing guitar for over 20 years and his latest project has been going for the last year with Steve Amadeo on bass and Boneto Dryden on drums. Aynsley is a brilliant guitar player which he showed with a range of rock and blues numbers before he was joined by Mick Taylor on guitar for a powerful rendition of Prince’s classic song “Purple Rain”.

The highlight of the day was the final act with Laurence Jones Band, supported by Marshall Amps, taking to the stage.

Laurence Jones Band

Laurence is an award-winning blues guitarist whose style has evolved over the last 10 years, writing his own songs inspired by life around him.

Laurence (guitar & vocals) was joined on stage by Bennett Holland (keyboard & vocals), Jack Alexander Timmis (bass) and for his band debut Samuel Jenkins on drums.

They gave us a selection of numbers from the recent albums including “I’m Waiting”, ‘What’s it Gonna Be”, Wipe Those Tears Dry”, “Mistreated”, the Eric Clapton inspired  “Low Down”, “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” and the Jimi Hendrix classic “All Along the Watchtower”.

The Guitar Show Live Show continued on the following day with Rory Evans (Vintage Present), JJ Rosa (Yamaha), Rich Watson & Jason Page (Haynes Guitars) along with Bernard Butler (giving a run through of his rig), That Pedal Show Live and Phil X.

Exciting Line-up at The Guitar Show 2020
WiderView Visual Media, Chris Roberts 1 March 2020
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