Chantel McGregor & Cinelli Brothers Wow Brudenell Club in Leeds

The third of the co-headlining shows between local Yorkshire guitarist Chantel McGregor and London based The Cinelli Brothers rocked the crowds at Brudenell Social Club in Leeds. This event was presented by Solid Entertainments and supported by Blues in Britain magazine.

This show had The Cinelli Brothers opening the evening (the bands had alternated) with their brand of energetic Blues playing which got another batch of new fans from the Yorkshire audience.

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The band had a line-up of Marco Cinelli (vocals, keyboard & guitar), Alessandro Cinelli (drums, bass and backing vocals), Tom Julian-Jones (guitar, harmonica and backing vocals) and Stephen Giry (bass & lead guitar, drums and vocals). The band are very versatile and played multiple instruments during the evening.

They kicked off with ‘Last Throw of the Dice’ with Marco on keyboard and vocals, Stephen on lead guitar and Tom on harmonica. They followed this with ‘Dozen Roses’, ‘I leave It Up To You’ before ‘Fool’s Paradise’ with Tom on lead vocals, which is from their recently released album ‘Almost Exactly..’ Then Stephen took a turn as lead vocalist on ‘Making It Thru the Night’, before Tom took over vocal’s duties on ‘Spell on Me’.

Then we had a major switch with Stephen moving to drums and Alessandro taking over the bass guitar on ‘Last Cigarette’ with Marco back on vocals. Then after a switch back to the normal line-up with ‘Voodoo Out of Sight’ with Stephen on lead guitar, Tom on harmonica and Marco back on keyboard and vocals.

Then the band wanted to see if the Leeds crows were good at accompanying a song by snapping their fingers to ‘Love to Me’ Then another song from the new album with ‘Nobody’s Fool’ with Stephen on vocals with twin lead guitars with Tom and Stephen.

The evening was finished off with a medley including ‘Chew My Gum’ which included a great drum solo from Alessandro.

After a short break to reset the stage local Yorkshire lady Chantel McGregor took to the stage with her band. She has been playing lead guitar for several years and was seen as a 17-year-old in local Yorkshire pubs, gaining a good local following and then national following.

The band line-up was Chantel McGregor (lead vocals and lead guitar), Colin Sutton (6 string bass), Thom Gardner (drums) and Jamie Brooks making an occasional appearance (keyboards).

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The band’s style encompasses Blues, Blues Rock with a bit of Jazz thrown in.

They kicked off with ‘Take the Power’ and ‘Lose Control’ which h were both hard rocking tunes in the Blues/Rock style. We then moved into a slow and melodic song ‘Eternal Dream’ which was written about Jeff Buckley, with lovely mellow vocals and great guitar solo.

Moving back to a heavier beat next up was ‘Killing Time’ before again back to a more mellow vibe with ‘Inconsolable’ with great keyboard intro and soft vocals before getting more passionate in a more Jazz style.

The Sophia in the audience good birthday wishes with the song ‘Fabulous’ before another mellow tune with ‘I can’t Make You Love Me’ with lovely piano and laid-back guitar work.

Then next up was a newish song with ‘Crazy Little Voodoo’, a longer song with ‘Walk on Land’ before we had just Jamie and Chantel on stage with a cover song ‘So Very Special’ with Chantel on lovely vocals only with Jamie with great piano work.

The with a little help from some Red Bull energy drink Chantel kicked into ‘Burn Your Anger’ before the encore with the instrumental song ‘April’

The evening was a great success with the Merch desk busy with people buying CD’s and LPs from both bands.

Chantel McGregor & Cinelli Brothers Wow Brudenell Club in Leeds
WiderView Visual Media, Chris Roberts 25 February 2024
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