Searing Hot Badsey Soapbox Races

The 4th Badsey Soapbox races, organised by the Badsey and Aldington Parish Council, was run down Knowl Hill in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd.

After the pouring rain of 2018, the competitors were all looking forward to the dry running conditions and seeing if they could post the fastest combined time and lift the Avon Scaffolding Cup.

The eleven competitors lining up on the start line were The Badsey Bad Boys (driver: Simon Cattle), Strickley Down Hill (driver: Matt Cox), Bluebottle Buzzing (driver: Denzil Brunning), Badsey Bug (driver: Dave Webster), Glo TV (driver: Tom Gwynn). ACCELAMUS (driver: Richard Burton), Hell on Heels (Driver: Lily Cattle), ‘L’s Angels (driver: Sue Briffett), The Avon Atom Mk2 (driver: George ‘Dizzy’ Marshall), HYTCH-HEE-PHAN-KNEE (driver: John Hancox) and A-BARTH (driver: Scott Shuard).

To comply with health and safety all karts were scrutineered in the morning at the Wheatsheaf Inn and were then taken by lorry to the top of the hill and the race start. All karts were given a practice run starting from 12 noon before the first of two-timed runs would take place from 1 pm.

The course had two slalom sections at the top of the course to test for kart and driver stability before the S bend past the main grandstand and the majority of the crowds before the last curve and the finish line.

The battle for the fastest times was going to be down to the experienced competitors Denzil Brunning, Richard Burton, Matt Cox and George ‘Dizzy’ Marshall and John Hancox. For the first time lady drivers were included on the start list with Lily Cattle and Sue Briffett taking up the challenge.

There were a variety of designs but several very aerodynamic entries including Matt Cox’s Strickly Down Hill, Simon Cattle and his The Badsey Bad Boys, and past double winner Denzil Brunning with his Bluebottle Buzzing.

The battle was intense but, in the end, Denzil Brunning and his Bluebottle Buzzing came out on top with an average time of 56 seconds for the course, followed closely by Richard Burton with ACCELERAMUS and George ‘Dizzy’ Marshall.

The three drivers were presented outside the Wheatsheaf Inn with their trophies by the organisers and the best presented kart went to ‘L’s Angels driven by Sue Briffett.

The organisers thanked the main sponsors Strickland, Avon Scaffolding, Buzz Electrical, Prosecco Love, ABSSAC, Glo Electrics and The Wheatsheaf Inn without who the event couldn’t be put on. Also thanked were the marshals and excited PA announcer Liz Chalmers.

Searing Hot Badsey Soapbox Races
WiderView Visual Media, Chris Roberts 26 August 2019
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