Photoshoot at Cathedral for Coventry 2021 City of Culture Bid

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 The city of Coventry and surrounding areas were encouraged last week to attend a photo shoot on the grounds of the old ruins of the original Coventry Cathedral. This was as a celebration of the UK City of Culture bid before the bid was formally submitted at the end of that week (which it now has).

 Lord Mayor Councillor Lindsley Harvard and PET-Xi Bid Development Sponsors

The day was a mixture of all weathers with rain and snow earlier in the day, but then the sun came out mid-afternoon, to encourage the large crowd of around 200 people to make their way to the Cathedral.

The groups who turned up included local churches, the mayor Councillor Lindsley Harvard, local schools, sports teams (including Wasps Rugby), Ska music fans and members of the Coventry 2021 bid team amongst others. Local media from both BBC & ITV Midlands were also in evidence interviewing the crowds.

Sadly 10 minutes before the photo shoot was due to take place the winds picked up and first rain and then driving snow hit the assembled throng. Not that this stopped anyone and umbrellas were hastily put up.

Whilst the throng was organised into a group at the far end of the cathedral the two photographers, along with a bid member who had the key!, climbed

the 181 steps to the top of the bell tower to get the panoramic shot needed.

King Henry VIII School musicians

As Jen Marscheider, the Marketing Manager for the Coventry City of Culture Trust said, “Thank you so much for coming along to
the bid sendoff photocall on Tuesday. The British stiff upper lip that you all showed despite the horrendous weather was absolutely fantastic, and there was a real sense of pride in Coventry, which just completely captured what this bid is all about.”

“We’re really proud of what we’ve submitted; we think it’s really reflective of Coventry and the amazing changes that winning this prestigious title could bring the city. It’s going to take the city coming together as one to help win this bid, and Tuesday was part of that, so thank you once again.”

“We now have to wait patiently until the shortlist is announced in June / July 2017, but in the meantime please make sure you’re following

Ska music fans

us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to show your support and to keep up to date with the latest news and goings on.”

There’s also the newsletter that you can sign up to at

Local Church supporters

Photoshoot at Cathedral for Coventry 2021 City of Culture Bid
WiderView Visual Media, Chris Roberts 27 April 2017
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