Now is the time to move to VoIP

With the availability of pure fibre internet infrastructure though the Coventry Core, and other similar city initiatives, the time to move over to Voice over IP for your telephony needs is now.

Coventry is now one of a small number of cities  along with York, Peterborough, Aberdeen and Edinburgh that have the prestigious title of Gigabit City.

Companies are reliant on their digital infrastructure capabilities and ease with which it can communicate with clients, locally, nationally and internationally. So each company needs to be able to have effective and proficient internet speed for both voice and IT services.
With these ultra-fast networks being rolled out, and with the Government’s Super Connection grant scheme, which could give you up to £3000 towards your internet upgrade costs, the stable infrastructure for VoIP is available.

The move away from your legacy PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) to a VoIP network is now in budget requirements for IT efficiency, but VoIP needs good quality of service to support its bandwidth needs. A company that hadn’t moved to a high speed reliable network could have call quality issues like jitter and latency.

Migrating from PSTN to VoIP requires careful planning and cross-checking to ensure the transition proceeds smoothly with minimal or no downtime. While the migration process depends heavily on the size of your infrastructure, there are some guidelines we can help you with to make the transition as smooth as possible:

  • Ensure your current PBX supports SIP termination.
  • Make a list with all lines and associated numbers. When migrating from PSTN to VoIP, you'll most likely move the existing company numbers to a SIP provider (local number portability). Make sure all company numbers are included in the migration – otherwise, they are likely to be lost or cancelled by the PSTN telecom operator.
  • Use a test number before the final migration. It's always advisable to move a single line first. This tactic will provide you with the necessary time to test your new SIP provider and ensure the line quality is up to standards.
  • When upgrading to an IP PBX, install it parallel to the existing infrastructure. While it's not always possible, we highly advise running the new VoIP infrastructure parallel to the existing one.
  • Enable VoIP encryption on your system for secure communications. Security analysts suggest that companies should encrypt VoIP traffic not only when it traverses the internet, but also on LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network) and VPN (Virtual Private network)
Now is the time to move to VoIP
WiderView Visual Media, Chris Roberts 3 September 2015
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